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Before and After

March 25, 2011

Before and After

Slow knitting with the Ultimate Bond Machine

White Knit Vest, originally uploaded by fmirela.

This used to be the white pullover from Burda Magazine that turned too small after washing.

It was unraveled and re-knit based on a Romanian pattern from Lucru de Mana magazine.

This is the first time for me to knit lace patterns by hand, and I struggled with my combination knitting skills…with right and left decreases. of course.

I got it now and hope to never forget, is it like riding the bicycle?

Knit and Crochet

January 7, 2008
Knit and Crochet, originally uploaded by fmirela.

Knit and Crochet
Yarn: Schachenmayr nomotta Catania
Pattern: Modische Maschen 06/1991 Vichy Top
Needles: Lower part knit with the Bond using No.1 plate.
3.25 and 3.5 Crochet Hook

This is a quick project thanks to the Bond! My mom knitted the front and I did the back on the Bond USM.

I have shortened the length and started with 70 stitches cast on instead of 100 like the pattern said. Did 80 stitches in the back so it would not end up too tight…
The bust panels are hand crochet and it took me about 8 hours to finish them, while we were driving to Busch Gardens, Tampa and back just before New Years.

Gosh I love those roller coasters!
Gwazi, Kumba and last but not least, Montu on which I have been 3 times in a row and would have gone again if they wouldn’t have closed the park…Good thing I have a 2008 pass and can’t wait to go back.

The lower crochet part is done after the front and back have been sewn together, using a 3.5 crochet hook.

These little Lories from Butterfly World loved the crochet top!

6 Lories 1 Me

Christmas Tree and Endless Summer Luna Top

January 3, 2008
Christmas Tree, originally uploaded by fmirela.

Yarn: Endless Summer Luna from Elann – 4 balls
Pattern: Honeymoon Cami
Key plate No. 1 on the Bond Ultimate Sweater Machine

I have made plenty of changes to the pattern:

Instead of doing the ribbed edge I replaced it with a scalloped border inspired by Heidi’s machine knitting charts.

The V neck with this yarn and gauge is too deep, so it ended up in the back of my top. I redid the front the same way as the back, but I had started decreasing the front V and splitting the work only after I had decreased for the armholes.

Detail - Mother of pearls straps
For the straps I’ve used square mother of pearl beads that I had crochet together using a stitch similar to the hair pin lace crochet.

To finish it I’ve made a row of simple crochet stitches around the neckline and armholes.

I am still having issues with my gauge and the Bond. The top is a little larger and longer then I had wanted.

I enjoyed seeing the scallops take form immediately after I removed the work from the machine.

I love this yarn, it is very shiny, smooth and comfortable even for hot weather.

I wish you all a creative, productive, healthy and Happy New Year!
May all your wishes come true in 2008!

P.S. Thank you BurdaStyle for the amazing tassel!

Modische Maschen 1991 Vichy Top

December 28, 2007
Modische Maschen 1991 Vichy Top, originally uploaded by fmirela.

I had no time to mention this but MY MOM is here for 3 more weeks, cooking, doing my dishes and laundry, and of course we are also sewing, knitting and crocheting together!

She already helped me out with a jacket and swim suit, from BurdaStyle patterns.
Just before my mom came I have finished a sleeveless top out of crushed velvet following the Danielle pattern.
There might just be an interview with me for BurdaStyle in BusinessWeek magazine, I’m not sure… although I did work for 3 hours with a famous photographer last weekend and am waiting to see where the story goes…

“I love the 90s!” NOOOT! just some of the patterns in these almost antique magazines my mom brought from Romania.

At the time I’ve first received this magazine, I remember looking for those cute sweaters with motifs like blond sirens, fish and lion puppies that would suite an 11 years old.

I think the Vichy pattern fits perfectly into today’s trends of the empire waist style.

My mom is learning how to knit with the Bond machine and started work on the lower body. In the meanwhile I’m waiting impatiently to begin the crochet section.

It is going to be made in a bright lime green Catania cotton yarn.

Fitted Knits – Ballerina Top

December 25, 2007
Fitted Knits Ballerina Top, originally uploaded by fmirela.

Pattern: Ballerina Blouse from Fitted Knits
Yarn: Lily Sugar’n Cream Stripes
Gauge: Plate 3 on the Bond machine

I’ve finished this Ballerina Top from Fitted Knits on the Bond.

The gauge is different from the pattern. I could not knit in the round so I improvising again and made some changes to the pattern.

I wish they gave more accurate measurements in the book, not just the horizontal and vertical….How wide should the sleeve be?

It is very though to estimate the gauge with the bond since all the worked in stretched.
That’s what I have to put up with for gaining the speed 🙂

This eat up a full big big size of Sugar and Cream yarn and I almost didn’t have what to sew it with.

I had to redo the sleeves because they turned out too narrow. Since I finished the front in one evening and did both sleeves twice on Saturday then again on Sunday, it was a quick knit and next time it would probably be ready in just one day 🙂

Mens Wear Coat & Projects

November 16, 2007

Mens Wear Coat, originally uploaded by fmirela.

just more of my Alice in Workingland designs.
I’m having doubts…
Should I keep drawing these or are they horrible?

Mens Wear Vest Alice009_smaller

Alice008_smaller Alice007_smaller

In the meanwhile I have been working hard on a crochet top. I have finished a crochet hat, started to knit on the Bond a pullover from Fitted Knits book, finished the front yesterday.

Next week I’ll be in the Grand Canyon modeling the new pullover I hope I finish.

I did not forget about sewing, and have so many plans in mind, like jackets and pants that I really need. I was just spending my time discovering Ravelry.

I have joined a local knitting group:
I hope I can make some time and join them Mondays at the cafe.

December my mom and dad are coming to visit all the way from Romania and they will be staying for a month!
I cannot wait to sew something with my mother again 😀

Fast knitting with 007

August 22, 2007

Bit stitches, originally uploaded by fmirela.

After my experience with the last piece of work on the Bond, a little leftover white cotton was perfect for the stitch I wanted to try. The one Sue suggested for creating a really long scarf in no time!
This could be an evening project, or something you can create as a present when you forgot to go shopping for one. I finished it in HALF an hour!
Long knit scarf


She says: knit only a third of the length you want it to be when it is done. Then drop every second stitch and add the fringe on the edges!It works! You will create the largest stitches and your work will stretch and widen.
This technique could be good for scarves, shawls, light blankets, loose net coverups and the list goes on.
I loved it!


Here is the leftover yarn knitted into a white scarf as a present for my mom and the fluffy fringed beige for my mother in law. For the beige I found 50cents worth for a ball.

Knit scarf
Knit it, unravel it, then add some fringe!

Knit@ Cape Florida Lighthouse

July 17, 2007

Cape Florida Lighthouse, originally uploaded by fmirela.

I knitted the red to on my brand new Bond America Ultimate Sweater Machine.

Knit! on the Bond Machine

Here I am staying until midnight to knit more rows, just so I could wear it the second day.

The pattern is from Burda World of Fashion issue 06/2007, model 140. I have to say I changed it a bit, as you can see the eyelet lace design is reduced to only two rows and I added a ribbon for some support inside the double crochet at the neck line.

I used this smooth cotton yarn from Coats named Catania (50g = 125m, color code: 0115) with the smallest plate I have for the machine.

This is my first project on the machine and my first time knitting since seventh grade.
I went through the learning process, knitting the square, measuring and adjusting the pattern, increasing, decreasing, casting on, binding off… Once I’ve done all that knitting seamed pretty straight forward. The stockinette stitch is really fast to do, while other designs like eyelets are still done manually on this machine. Either way I love it and am convinced that with practice I’ll soon be moving forward to more elaborate designs. The hardest thing so far for me is finding the right yarn and making the knit fit.

I have read that blocking the knit (either by washing, shaping it to size and letting it dry or steaming it) keeps it from curling. After blocking, seaming the pieces together went smoothly.
Still I do not plan on wearing this top for more then a few hours at a time. This cotton has absolutely no memory, snapping out of shape and stretching in all directions.
I’m thrilled about the machine, got some more cool yarn and will definitely give it another try!
I’m so going to steal my mother’s collection of Verena magazines and I’m also thinking of subscribing to some knitting magazines…have not decided which, please help a knitbie decide! offers a reach collection of free online patterns for all seasons, men, women and kids. I browsed around and printed a few. Now it is time to see if I can read them and choose my next project.
I’m still wondering what’s the best place to find yarns in the US, how does silk or linen behave? Are they suited for hot steamy Florida summer weather?
It is so steamy around here that maybe I don’t have to block my knit anymore, simple going outside should steam it enough.

Knit how neat!

July 13, 2007

I had to do some knitting for a class I took in school. I made a top I might still have in a closet back home. Passing that class meant finishing a project during the trimester and that is almost how long it took to “finish” the top. Of course my mom helped me out with speeding things up. My knitting was uneven and this made my mom’s job harder as she tried to imitate my clumsy work, so the teacher would not notice. I passed of course! Now I wonder if that top would still fit me!?I liked knitting, but mostly the knitting that my mother did. I was not really thrilled about my work. It was uneven and took forever to finish. When sewing it is possible to finish a project in a matter of hours. As a seamstress I was sometimes thinking: “Oh! how many things I could have sewn instead!”. But soon I was in the mood again and realized knitting takes time and patience to create pretty useful things out of plain yarn. You create the fabric out of yarn, already shaped and sized conforming to a pattern or just your imagination. Yarn is the medium and you are the sculptor.Many special thanks to my husband Marius who listened to my wishes and gave me the best present ever!

It made me realize that I do love to knit after all, since speed is not an obstacle any more. The bond ultimate sweater machine is not as automated as I would like, basic and simple to use. My mother has a similar wooden knitting machine that I cannot wait to see again when I get to Romania. I remember my mom did not use it that often as it had no instructions and doing lace stitches is time consuming. Maybe sharing Bond’s knowledge with the capabilities of the wood version will be useful 🙂Burda has these incredible patterns for knitting and crochet in the latest magazines. I’m familiar with Burda patterns for sewing, but with knitting and crochet it is like learning two different languages. First I went through the process of understanding some of the stitch types, than knowing the abbreviations for them, then the symbols in the charts.I strongly recommend The Complete Encyclopedia of Stitchery for anyone who is considering learning to crochet or knit. This book has it all from tatting to crochet to macrame, knit, rugs, embroidery. Seams that you can read it online from Google Books, just follow the link above.

For crochet NexStitch has these amazing videos and expanations on all stitches you can imagine and wonderful patterns she creates.

The other day me and my colleague Oana were reading a German Knitting and Crochet magazine ModisheMache, from 1990, trying to understand what all the signs in charts mean. I’ll learn these languages someday slowly but surely.

Although the Bond machine comes with a very “vintage” patterns book and they instruct you to knit those patterns first, the yarn is too expensive to waist, so I went in another direction and decided to give this top a try (in red yarn):

If it turnes out nice, I’ll give this one a try:

I would love to be able to crochet these, but I think going over the learning curve for crochet will take longer then expected, even with all the information out there, it needs practice 🙂

and the red wrap from Burda May issue.

Hats off for knitters and crocheters! This is not as easy as it seams!

I’ll post back pictures with the progress of the red top 140!