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Bamboo cami

January 31, 2009

Bamboo cami, originally uploaded by fmirela.

Pattern: Knitting Lingerie Style, the Silk and Pearls cami
Yarn: Bernat Bamboo, 4 balls 60g each
Knitting needles: 5.5mm
Crochet hook: 5.5mm
Shell beads or pearls for straps

My mother made this during her stay with us this winter holidays. I can’t say for sure, but I believe the book instructions were followed, or maybe the number of stitches for cast on were reduced to accommodate the yarn…I have to ask if anyone is interested…
I can only take credit for the straps on this project. I used square shell beads for the straps and single crochet along and thought them.
I like the feel of the bamboo yarn, very soft, airy and drape-y. The color is very neutral and nude looking. It washes me out but a little more eye makeup should fix it, or a nice tan…I do wish it was just a little bit more fitted and a touch longer.
I think it could be worn also as a vest over a shirt.
Thanks mom! Looking forward to the next vacation together, I had a wonderful time!

Silk Slip – Knitting Lingerie Style

April 4, 2008

This is what the lace section from the Silk Slip looks like, after all that studying on combo knitting and slanting decreases.

Yarn: Patrons Grace
Needles: 3.5

I guess it is pretty close to the pictures in the book, I wish I did not knit all 4 repeats of the pattern, but I’m quite ok with it as a first hand knit lace work.

Both my cups are finished and waiting to dry on the ironing board.

Silk Slip - Knitting Lingerie Style

I have found the right interfacing for it, although I’m still wondering how that is going to feel directly on the skin, especially in that sensitive area…I have found it at JoAnns.
It is a sheer jersey Pellon interfacing that can be applied by steaming only without pressing, and it is transparent enough so that it does not show through the knit work.

I’m casting on the midriff!

Denim Corset

July 11, 2007

Denim Corset, originally uploaded by fmirela.

I sewed this corset out of some leftover stretch denim fabric I had after making a skirt.
The pattern is out of La Mia Boutique issue April 2004, with a few adjustments. I’ve altered the pattern, made the back pieces slimmer in the center back, added the eyelets and lacing instead of a zipper.

Only after I realized I did not sew the skirt using the red top stitch thread, but they go together nice even so.
Maybe the lace should have been red!

I have warn this for my birthday party and felt very comfortable, had a nice time too!

I got the best present ever! No to brag but really! The Vogue Sewing book, a crochet with beads book, plus the Ultimate Sweater Machine, not to mention the cosmetics and gold pearl earing and the most amazing flowers!

Thanks to everyone for a lovely time and all these out of this world presents!

The Next Swim Suit

April 15, 2007

Swim Suit, originally uploaded by fmirela.

The limited swim suit edition continues as does the endless summer here in Florida.
Some of our friends have moved in a gorgeous apartment building right on the beach. I can just imagine that lifestyle for now, and dream that my husband would agree to move there also maybe in October. Imagine coming home from work and taking a swim in the pool downstairs, or a walk in the sand on the beach! Imagine doing this in the bikini swim suit I made for my friend!
The bikini pattern is from La Mia Boutique, issued in July 2005 (Italian pattern magazine).

The swimsuit is made out of Nylon Lycra swimwear fabric, with the paisley floral motif. I have lined it all over with smooth thin, comfortable white Lycra and finished off the edges with folded elastic tape.
Here’s a closeup:
Swim Suit

The traps are made out of the same fabric. The bias tape is cut, folded in two, seamed mode closely to the folded edge and turned inside out.
In order to make long bias straps, the bias tapes of fabric have to be sewn together. This can be easily made following the next steps:
1. Place the tapes one over another, at a 90 degree angle, right sides together.
2. Make a cut at a 45 degree angle.
Adding on to bias tape
3. Sew the edges.
Adding on to bias tape
4. Unfold and you get a straight piece of fabric to work with.
Adding on to bias tape

Here’s another way to sunbath in it:
Swim Suit

Bring on the heat!

Black Tulle Purple Velvet Boy Shorts

March 11, 2007

Boy shorts are a perfect everyday alternative to traditional granny panties as they are less prone to ride up, and offer comfortable coverage under skirts. They are also popular teamed up with a camisole and worn around as lounge wear.

Here is the last of the black tulle purple velvet fabric.
I have done it again, and turned the scrapes into lingerie.

Boy Shorts Black Tulle with Velvet Purple Lilac Roses

I really enjoyed sewing this fabric and hope someone will enjoy wearing these, ’cause they are on sale on my Etsy shop:
Everywear by Mirela.

Lacy Days!

March 6, 2007

Lacy Days!

I have discovered my kind shop in downtown Hollywood. The fabrics are a bit outdated, or vintage one might say…It is stuffed and nicely cluttered with everything, all the trims in the world and beyond that, lace! Stretch lace, colored lace, lace everywhere.

Ben Raymond Fabrics and Trimmings is a museum of lace.

Their moto is: “If we don’t have, you don’t need it!“.

Sometimes I get discounts, sometimes I think the online stores are cheaper, but including the shipping charges…It’s convenient to be able to buy it and use it today, rather then wait a couple of weeks for the package to arrive from who knows where.

Burda and Boutique patterns are my favorites and this time they worked together for me for this lingerie set. The top bustier pattern is taken from Burda and originally was a bra, but I liked the way the wide lace fits around the under-bra. The boy shorts are made after a Boutique swim suit pattern.

The cutting and assembly process:

These items have been sold on Etsy to a happy customer.

Black Tulle Lingerie

February 28, 2007

Oh! the leftover fabric again, and the amazing things that can be done with it!

Stretch fabric can be so versatile, from evening wear to underwear is only takes a few steps.
And isn’t it fun when what you are wearing under matches the clothes? Maybe I am a little to match-y with everything…

I have a stash of different scalloped elastics in many colors. I used black and lilac colors for this project.

The truth is I was inspired by a bought bra I really like, and drafted the pattern myself.

To attach the elastic, place the elastic face down over the right side of the fabric, so that the edges are aligned. Using an overlock stitch, sew over the elastic tape. The tape needs to be a little shorter then the actual fabric, so that it gathers the fabric. The elastic tape needs to be stretched during sewing. The tape will loosen a little with sewing and will not have the power to gather as when not sewn, so keep in mind it loosens, cut it a little shorter, just a little, then what you actually need.
The stitch should be close to the scalloped edge, but not step over it.

Turn the elastic tape toward the wrong side of the fabric and use a zigzag stitch to sew from the right side of the fabric, over the tape again. This will flatten the seam.

The bra has a cool bra extender and closes in the back:

Closed hooks:

A close up of the fabric:

The results:

Keep watching the etsy shop these items will be listed soon!

Sleeping in Blue

October 11, 2006

Here’s the rest of the soft smooth blue jersey.

I have used flatlocking on the seams for maximum comfort, and elastic only on the waist.

Lingerie Inspiration

October 11, 2006

I’ve found myself browsing the web, looking for something sexy.
I got these books about fashion drawing, I just don’t seem to have the patience to go through them.
I simply want to get to the finished result as quickly as possible: the drawing itself, then the finished product…
To draft ideas, to stock up on ribbons, trims and other notions…to remember, to inspire…

I have a long way to go, I know…take a look at these drawings:,1034164-1413162-1429290,deDE.html

Top and Bottom

September 29, 2006
Little scraps of fabric were left out of the yellow silk charmeuse (and I mean little) but just enough to sew together with delicate elastic and
make this underwear/sleepwear top and bottom.

And the result it: