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Burn Fire Burn!

June 5, 2009

This link deserves a separate post:

It’s how to test and see what fabric you have. Fun!


September 10, 2008

I got my invite today!

Here’s how it works. Here are a lot of submitted designs.

Thanks to stacyjoy for telling me about this!

I’m sure I’ll use it at first for printing some labels on fabric and then decide on some fabric prints (lace, leaves, images of my home town since 1900s) we’ll see…they are still in Beta version and users can only apply for invites, prices are reasonable and the whole idea is a lot of fun. Just think about it: if you could have a fabric with any design on it, what would the print be? Works with any .tiff in LAB color but they can also use .jpegs.

If you want everything to be hand made you could try painting on fabric, like Raluca from Iasi, Romania does. These are my favorite creations: lily dress and irises.

You may want to brush up on your painting skills, the free art lessons at jerrys artarama could help. Thanks Roberta for mentioning this. My skills are totally stuck in the fourth grade…elementary school level…

Flying Angels Blouse

April 27, 2008

Flying Angels Blouse, originally uploaded by fmirela.

Finally my fabrics arrived yesterday from Fashion Fabrics Club.
I love that online store, especially for silk.
Yesterday it was folded in the mail, today it’s a blouse.
I have to say I expected this Dark Brown Angel Prints on Ivory Stretch Silk Chiffon Fabric to be less like a chiffon and more like charmouse, I go confused when I ordered it, thinking it would be smoother. I had a PJ and lingerie planned for it, but changed my mind after seeing it’s feel. It is crisp to the touch, but after a wash I decided it could be used for a blouse instead.
First I really was disappointed with my choice, angles print and chiffon…not really my style…
I found it rather transparent so I decided to do something interesting with it, I had not much to loose, since I got a good price for it and didn’t really like it in the first place.
I cut out a simple raglan top, that I initially thought would be gathered at the neckline, but my pattern was already cut out a few years back when I was 2 sizes smaller. Can you believe it?! Two sizes….so now I don’t have to gather it, because it fits just the way it is.
The pattern is I think from Burda WOF January 2003. The blouse was also gathered at the waist line, I remember sewing this one before and hated those gathers, as the blouse had the tendency to ride up all the time.
Enough about the pattern, as you can see it really is simple.

With raglan sleeves, the kind that have a huge seam starting from the shoulder all the way down, I like to place the sleeve pattern pieces together, overlap the centers, see that the grain lines are still parallel and only sew a dart on the top of the shoulder instead of that long seam. This cuts aways some of the width of the sleeve, but for this wide pattern, for knits or stretchy fabrics it works.

After touching the fabric forever when cutting and seeing it move, I started to like it more and more.

Pile of angels

A few pieces were leftover and had quite a big bunch of those angles.
I wanted to reduced the transparency somehow in the front so that I could wear this to work and with that jeans jacket.

Flying Angels Blouse

So I cut out all those angels from the leftover smaller pieces of fabric, overlapped them onto the fabric, exactly over the same angel print and simply stitched “straight” line with the machine over them, starting from the neckline going all the way down to the hem.
I purposly did not stitch those lines straight, one: because I did not have a guide and two: because I know they will never bee exactly parallel, three: I wanted to catch in the seam those flying angels.

Flying Angels Blouse

No, I did not finish the edges of the cutouts. Yes, they will dray eventually, I’d like that.

Now, my fabric has even more movement, my angels jump when I move and everyone thinks there’s something wrong with the blouse, like it is cut or something, I find that very funny and it’s a conversation starter.

I did sew simple rolled hem with the serger at the neckline, sleeves and hem, to finish it off and not have it fray all over.