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July 2, 2009

I’m looking into buying an embellisher machine (HUSQVARNA VIKING® ER10), it is on sale at Husqvarna this weekend with a coupon in an email, for 169$. They go for about 300$ otherwise and so do the felting needles attachments that you can use with some sewing machines, but the machines won’t be great for sewing afterwards cause of all the fiber dust. I think this is a great deal!

I did get the hand held felting needles from clover and I’m very happy about them, I just think that a machine will speed things up and maybe I’ll get to work on larger projects.

Doing some reading about these types of machines, I stumbled upon this article: it’s a good read, very informative.

Technology Upgrade

April 18, 2008

Yeay! I’m so excited! I have just completed my order of a brand new sewing/embroidery machine!

I wanted something like this for so long, I am finally getting it. I have read and read the pros and cons and reviews, opinions, features of Brother and Singer Futura and finally decided that this is what I need:

The package

Brother HE 120, I have found it at HSN Home Shopping Network online store, it comes with the PED Basic software and memory card writer, so I can download designs and create my own.

Same drop in bobbin case as in CS 8150:

Drop in Bobbin Case

Many sewing feet:

Memory Card writer and PED Basic software:
Memory Card Writter

But really, are we in 2008?? I can’t believe how Brother is selling us a 4MB memory card on a proprietary memory card type, instead of a simple USB port or a regular SD card, and 4MB? LOL! I mean come on! this technology has been out there for so long, I’m sure it would be easy to just incorporate it into the machine, it should not be so pricey. Not only grandmothers that are oblivious to the present are sewing. And even some of them know what memory is and how available it is for computer usage. We know this is not worth so much, it’s just that there aren’t that many choices out there and it is all about marketing and a more limited market… unfortunately….

Look online for coupons if you decide to buy from them, I got a 15% off as this was my first buy from HSN.

Why I did not go with Singer? After all, I have their Quantum Lock Serger. I also had another serger from Singer, the cheaper one, and I returned it immediately. It was noisy, unstable: really moved off my desk, slow…well… I read mixed opinions about the Futura, which can connect to the computer directly through a cable, did not like that much the decorative stitches, nor the buttonholes (just 2 kinds compared to 8 or 10 from Brother). Some said that the software was not compatible with their computers, got pour customer service, others said it gives constant error messages, and that it is harder to fix problems and you spend more time on that instead of embroidering. Others were very happy with it, others had to return it. So I was really afraid to go that way and miss out on what I have now with my current machine.

I really wanted to keep the functionality of my current Brother CS 8150 that I really love a lot. The HE 120 seams at first sight very similar to the SE 270D that Disney Embroidery machine from Brother, except the SE does not do so many things.

Also I was considering the PE 700 II that was a USB cable and can connect directly to a computer and has a larger hoop, but that is double the price and just an embroidery machine, lacking all those goody utility stitches.

Also PC 420 the new Project Runway limited edition features are already included in the HE at a cheaper price, plus this HE embroiders from the card! Might have a better/safer threading system. Has more decorative satin stitches.

Speaking of utility stitches, so far I have not used all of them of course, but I do like the flower borders and the idea of sewing cross stitches and satin and other decorative stitches.

To compare the Brother machines, I downloaded and studies the User Manuals from the Brother site:

I am only upgrading because I’m curious about the embroidery part. What am I going to embroider thought? I have no clue yet, names, borders, the possibilities are endless, but I will try to use it for clothes, more then home design. I would like to have my custom labels to sew on my creations, also make custom gifts for special occasions.

My dear machine is going to be for sale 😦 in case I’m going to fall in love with this one, after it arrives.

She has served me well and I will always love her.

We never-ever argued or fight no matter what I asked from her.

So did I make the right choice for me? I’ll have to see…
Opinions, suggestions, other options, experiences, what do you think?