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Shangri-la Treasures

July 22, 2010



This is the store I visited today in Berkeley and you will not believe your eyes, it is like walking in a museum with your own personal guide, the sales assistant. Amazing things! Gorgeous raw silk and cashmere jackets, lined in silk, hand applique details that are out of this world. Hand knit lace scarves in the most wonderful thin yarn that has been carefully hand spun and knitted to perfection. Hand embroidered scarves, boiled wool scarves, hand painted silk scarves…

But you should visit while in the area to see the detailing on the sewn clothes: Reversible silk quilted jackets, trimmed with bias silk tape, with the most perfect tubing made out of silk for buttons, those knotted buttons, perfect bound pockets. I wanted to touch and feel everything in that store. Just amazing! I was ashamed to walk in there in my basic Target store bought attire.. 😦

The jewelry tells a whole other story: silver earring and precious stones in the most special settings. Roughed rings with moving parts, everything is really hand picked and the whole experience is amazing.

I found a pretty yellow piece of cotton fabric, paid a fortune for it, she said it is hand painted, but I do not believe it is.

It will become a dress.

Then, the packaging is another story, no plastic, all hand made paper, hand stamped, just gorgeous.