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September 10, 2008

I got my invite today!

Here’s how it works. Here are a lot of submitted designs.

Thanks to stacyjoy for telling me about this!

I’m sure I’ll use it at first for printing some labels on fabric and then decide on some fabric prints (lace, leaves, images of my home town since 1900s) we’ll see…they are still in Beta version and users can only apply for invites, prices are reasonable and the whole idea is a lot of fun. Just think about it: if you could have a fabric with any design on it, what would the print be? Works with any .tiff in LAB color but they can also use .jpegs.

If you want everything to be hand made you could try painting on fabric, like Raluca from Iasi, Romania does. These are my favorite creations: lily dress and irises.

You may want to brush up on your painting skills, the free art lessons at jerrys artarama could help. Thanks Roberta for mentioning this. My skills are totally stuck in the fourth grade…elementary school level…