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Crochet Wool

July 9, 2009

Missing winter already? And it is the middle of summer…
It shows I have been living for too long here in Florida and I don’t know what season we are in. I wish I had more winter and more mountains!

The photos were taken at the end of April 2009 in Snowbird Utah, skiing at 20C was weird but fun, ice in the morning, a wet melt in the afternoon, but well worth the trip, the scenery is incredible.


Mini Snowman

Pattern: from Crochet Magazine
Yarn: Patons Classic Wool

Crochet winter hat

Crochet wool hat

Flower detail

Stripes closeup:
wool lines

Fleece lining:
Hat lining

lining detail

Matching scarf with some needle felting on fleece and yarn remains:


July 2, 2009

I’m looking into buying an embellisher machine (HUSQVARNA VIKING® ER10), it is on sale at Husqvarna this weekend with a coupon in an email, for 169$. They go for about 300$ otherwise and so do the felting needles attachments that you can use with some sewing machines, but the machines won’t be great for sewing afterwards cause of all the fiber dust. I think this is a great deal!

I did get the hand held felting needles from clover and I’m very happy about them, I just think that a machine will speed things up and maybe I’ll get to work on larger projects.

Doing some reading about these types of machines, I stumbled upon this article: it’s a good read, very informative.