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Walk This Way

October 19, 2006

New York – the city that never sleeps and always inspires. Need ideas? Take a look around, at the people, the buildings, the river, the streets, the lights. It’s got style!

I’ve always thought that you cannot say we’ve seen America until you see NY.

I have been living in a city my whole life, ever since we moved to Florida.

I’m not quite living in the Everglades, but life here is different.
My husband and I have decided to visit New York City. No..we don’t know anybody
there, we’ve simply booked a hotel, bought the plain tickets and went for a walk.

Three long days of walking the streets of Manhattan.

Waw! How I’ve missed seeing so many people walking on the street…the cabs, the restaurants, the art, the architecture!

I loved it! It seemed more like home to me, I think I could move there right now and enjoy it for at least a few months.

Anyway, my favorite place remains Cluj-Napoca, Romania…Somehow there is no place like home, no matter how pretty other places are.

We’ve staid at Hotel Pennsylvania, right across from Madison Square Garden and the Penn Station.

It is a really old building, pretty…dirty. The location is great though: FASHION AVENUE!

I have had the pleasure of taking a walk down Fashion
Avenue, and dreaming of becoming a professional fashion designer.

After a looong day of walking, getting closer to the hotel, the corner of Fashion Avenue with 33rd street gives a view of Times Square and the top of the Empire State Building. Here are some of my husbands photos:
Making our way from the Public Library to Times Square, Bryant Park was a surprising breath of fresh air, hidden between the tall buildings.

Tonight I am looking back to the New York trip and also looking forward to seeing the final episode of Project Runway, at the Olympus Fashion Week in Bryan Park.

May the best designer win! I haven’t decided yet who’s my favorite…

Other places where I have been:

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Unique Fabric Print

October 18, 2006

Thinking about creating your own fabric prints?

I know I have a lot of weird ideas sometimes, like images in my head I would love to wear on a T-shirt.
One way to materialize this could be using a little computer software and transforming your thoughts into an electronic version of a work of art, then buy some transfer paper, use an ink jet printer to print your creation and iron it on.

Another solution is to upload your image file to a web site, and order your T-shirt with your own unique design.
To find out more take a look at my colleague’s blog:

I have seen others user Clorox and rubber stamps to bleach the fabric, and I imagine this would work well on cotton denim, especially in dark colors.
If you are more artsy-craftsy and like to paint, you could paint directly on your fabrics (special dyes and markers can be found in craft shops).

Check out painting on silk:
Rust on silk in one of the posts:

 You can also create your own fabric:

Sew and Tell

October 18, 2006

A new sewing comunity on the fabrics web site:

It has just been created and already has hundreds of users, lots of posts, picture albums!

Sew & See it.

Sleeping in Blue

October 11, 2006

Here’s the rest of the soft smooth blue jersey.

I have used flatlocking on the seams for maximum comfort, and elastic only on the waist.

Lingerie Inspiration

October 11, 2006

I’ve found myself browsing the web, looking for something sexy.
I got these books about fashion drawing, I just don’t seem to have the patience to go through them.
I simply want to get to the finished result as quickly as possible: the drawing itself, then the finished product…
To draft ideas, to stock up on ribbons, trims and other notions…to remember, to inspire…

I have a long way to go, I know…take a look at these drawings:,1034164-1413162-1429290,deDE.html

Feeling Blue

October 1, 2006
Blue skies and purple lilac make the print of my blouse.
I got the fabric during my vacation back home (Cluj-Napoca, Romania) this spring, when you could smell the lilac in the air. Too bad the scent cannot be captured in the blouse; it would bring back nice memories.
I’ve bought just enough for a small top and not an inch more. But then again,
I’m not going to throw away any of the remains. The jersey cotton is way too smooth and soft. I know exactly what I am going to do with it.
The pattern: La Mia Boutique – September 2004.
I only found it in plus size only and I had to adjust it, going down 4 sizes.
This is supposed to be a huge pattern change. It turned out quite alright.
It was actually pretty easy to make the transition four sizes down.
All the lines of different sizes in a Boutique pattern are either parallel or the distance between them increases / decreases with similar amounts.
I’m not good at fitting and pattern changes, but I have survived.
I like the way the color fades to white, it makes it go along great with white pants and skirts.