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Weather Proof Jacket

November 14, 2010

Hoodie, originally uploaded by fmirela.

I had this fabric for more than a year. I started work on this at about the same time…just finished before an anniversary trip to Zion National Park this October.
Some would think of this one as a softshell…I think the fabric is rather stiff.

The fabric from Rocky woods mentioned in a previous post.
Gore® Soft Shell with microfleece liner – Grey
Water repellent, smooth woven face
Waterproof Gore-Tex membrane
Microfleece back
No stretch
I glued the stitches with Seam Grip to weather proof the little holes my sewing needle makes in the goretex membrane.

I used the reflective zippers and sewn zipped pockets, takes some time, but it is actually easier then it “seams”.

Finally happy with the coat and the fact that I got to see some colder weather and wear it.

Big Blue Riding Hood

May 5, 2008

Faux Fur, originally uploaded by fmirela.

I had the change to wear my faux fur winter coat this year again after a long long break, during my so called one week vacation in February to Romania. The photo is taken next to Dragan Dam, only it was very way too windy and snowy to see much…

I’ll have the change to revisit again soon, on May 23rd 🙂 Cannot wait.

I’m also going to be on a quest for special fabric finds in Tel Aviv Israel.

I have sewn this a long time ago, back to the times when I still needed something warm (2003, Romania). It is lined with a windproof, waterproof black micro-fleece. Both fabrics are from Italy.
I added elastic loops and long buttons as closures, and made two in seam side pockets for warmth.
Careful when working with fabrics with such a high pile, it will really make you sneeze all the time. The trick is to leave the scissors alone, and use a cutter instead, cut from the underside avoid cutting the pile.
Trim the pile only where you want to reduce the bulk.
In case you catch the pile inside the seam, use a needle to get the hairs out.