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The view

August 30, 2009

The view, originally uploaded by fmirela.

I’m moving out of the place all together on Tuesday…will surely miss that view.

Here’s what I have been up to in June, a somewhat productive month:


Ellinor pattern from BurdaStyle:

The knotted top:

Another green T-Shirt with pearl snaps, in Lacoste fabric. Wondering whether to put the iron on transfer with the Grand Tetons or just live it as is….
Green T

Pattern: M-Patterns…disappointing. I’m really not pleased with the way this turned out, I don’t like the finishing on it, nor the fit…will probably just use this for the gym or a bike ride
Lacoste Green T

A strange one this time in Lacoste fabrics purple and green, some flowers iron on applique. the neckline is tooo low, i will probably add another green ribbon around it. I’m not sure I like this shape…
A Burda T Shirt

La Mia Boutique T shirt. I adore the pattern. A friend sewn a similar top ages ago, in brown lycra and I decided there and then to make one, or two as well. It did take me a long time, but I will probably reuse this pattern more often now. I think this looks great as a sportish look, but it could also be more elegant in a different pattern and under a cute jacket.

Antique White

Crochet Dress

August 22, 2009

Pattern for the crochet top/dress


Bust: 80cm

Length: 86cm

Hem: 100cm

Thread: 220g

Crochet hook: Nr.2

Pattern: see drawing


. = chain

x = single crochet

| = double crochet

all those curved lines are chains of 2, 4 and 6 chains as indicated in the drawing.

Test square: for a width of 3 pattern repeats and a height of 3 patterns => 10x10cm


Start with the shoulder. Chain 13 + 3 for the edge and you will continue downwards. Make 5 rounds of the pattern and put the work aside.

Start with the other shoulder. After the 6th round of pattern chain 48 (i chained 53 just to make it larger).

After the 48 chain, link it with the other shoulder strap. The work will have 10 pattern repeats per width.

Continue work until you have 7 pattern repeats on the vertical.

Armhole shaping:

Make it wider with 7 chains + 3 chains for height, on each side, for the armhole shaping. Work will have 12 pattern repeats per width.

At 13 pattern repeats in total per vertical, first row increase to 5 chains instead of 4. Next row the height will increase from 3 to 4 chains. Next row the chain is increased from 6 chain stitches to 7 chain stitches.

At 19 pattern repeats in total per vertical, increase everything with one chain:

instead of 5 chain stitches => 6 chain stitches

instead of 4 chain stitches => 5 chain stitches on the side

instead of 7 chain stitches => 8 chain stitches

After 26 pattern repeats the back side is finished.


Just like the back. I did mine wider with two pattern repeats to fit the bust.

Click to download PDF – scanned from an old magazine, original in Hungarian

P.S. hope this is not breaching any copyrights…

La Mia Boutique

August 21, 2009

This looks like a priceless gem here in the US, I can’t seem to find a decent subscription method.

  1. Hepipress has not updated their site in about one year and they do not reply to emails:
  2. There is an eBay seller posting up the magazines as they come along:
  3. I have had a bad experience with I subscribed to a 12 month issues of Idee Couture and received only 2 magazines during the year, one containing patchwork, the other children’s clothing patterns. No replies to emails or to phone calls. I would stay away from them.
  4. The same Idee Couture can be also found in Canada: here, they say there are 6 issues per year.
  5. Then there are some folks in the UK that kind of rip you off with super expensive prices. from what I read on PatternReview they seem to be reliable but expensive.
  6. There’s a dutch lady that sells them for almost the same prices but you would have to speak dutch to order… They have issues Sept 2008-Aug 2009.  Each issue including postage is 26.50 EU. For Canadian shipping it is more efficant due to high shipping charges to order 5 LMB for 81.50 EU. (incudes VAT and shipping). They accept Paypal and ship as soon as payment is received.

My mom finds last year’s issues every now and then in Romania, but they are also very hard to come by.

I have 3 duplicated past issues, thinking of selling them, will scan some pages soon, please leave a comment or email me if you are interested.

La Mia Boutique Magazine Maggio Giugno 2007

La Mia Boutique Magazine April 2007

La Mia Boutique Magazine Maggio 2008

Anyone have a different source for the magazine, please leave a comment.

Maybe a solution would be to know someone in Italy and have them buy the magazines from the newspaper stands, store and ship them in bulk maybe 4 times a year, I think that would be the cheapest way. Anyone in Italy offers to do this for me?! I wish!

Threads Magazine

August 12, 2009

Open issue 144 of Threads Magazine at page 80 in the Reader’s Closet section 😉