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Bamboo cami

January 31, 2009

Bamboo cami, originally uploaded by fmirela.

Pattern: Knitting Lingerie Style, the Silk and Pearls cami
Yarn: Bernat Bamboo, 4 balls 60g each
Knitting needles: 5.5mm
Crochet hook: 5.5mm
Shell beads or pearls for straps

My mother made this during her stay with us this winter holidays. I can’t say for sure, but I believe the book instructions were followed, or maybe the number of stitches for cast on were reduced to accommodate the yarn…I have to ask if anyone is interested…
I can only take credit for the straps on this project. I used square shell beads for the straps and single crochet along and thought them.
I like the feel of the bamboo yarn, very soft, airy and drape-y. The color is very neutral and nude looking. It washes me out but a little more eye makeup should fix it, or a nice tan…I do wish it was just a little bit more fitted and a touch longer.
I think it could be worn also as a vest over a shirt.
Thanks mom! Looking forward to the next vacation together, I had a wonderful time!


January 15, 2009


On January 11th 2007 I opened up this little online shop for everything to wear: unique clothing and accessories. Second years flew by and 11 items sold online. Not good as a business, not bad for a hobby either.

My tulle and velvet mini mini collection is still available. (Cocktail ensemble and lingerie to go with it)

I got some great press in the meantime:


Burda WOF German Edition September 2008

I sent out my JJ version to BurdaStyle’s fashion show in Munich, Germany (this will take place in a few days).

I have to admit, I didn’t take this task very seriously, I haven’t sewn everything I had in mind originally and I would like to find more time this year and sew more.

BurdaStyle came up with the open source patterns, and I’m dreaming of a collection in natural linen with crochet work and other little hand made touches based on their patterns. I wish I could make a promise to myself and invest more into this. I’d like to study more about the marketing side and how much to invest, where to start, how to set the price, etc…but I feel like this business theritory would erase the fun out of the craft. So for now I’m dreaming of something, maybe it will become reality one day, maybe I’ll wake up…we’ll see

On the other hand, there is a contest I just make participate to, see if you’d like to be in it:

Sewing With Nature

Sewing With Nature

BurdaStyle – Suit Contest

January 14, 2009

BurdaStyle – Eva Jacket, originally uploaded by fmirela.

I have entered my Eva and Marie suit in the competition on BurdaStyle.
If you like it you can vote here:

To vote, please click on “here” to take the survey, not under the slide-show Vote link.


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